Friday, 18 October 2013

A Lifestyle Lolita Diary: Entry one

So here goes an introduction!
(how many of these have you read? haha!)
My Name is Laelette and I've got a little indie brand called Atelier Dormir!
It's a brand dedicated to lolita lounge wear, casual wear and bloomers! of all things.

You see, for the longest of time I have been obsessed with the notion of being a lifestyle lolita.
What's not to like about the idea? Look great everyday, go out for tea regularly, have an adorable room and indulge in crafting hobbies. What about that doesn't sound fun?

It's something I've always wanted to do! To throw away the jeans once and for all and live only to be Frilly and Fabulous. I've seen many lolita do it and I've been working on it for years, I really feel like I've got it down!

How to live your life as a Lolita in a practical world of washing machines and grocery shopping!

It's literately an act of surrounding yourself with all things lolita. Decor, food, drinks, books, websites, art and even your home appliances! Now... to some this isn't an attractive idea and they feel that you can be a Lolita without it engulfing your life. This is true but if you like the idea of living like an elegant maiden straight out of story book then please take a seat, brew yourself a tea and let's chit chat about what really divines a lifestyle as "lolita".

I started Atelier Dormir for the reason it was simply a product I wanted!
I wanted Lolita I could wear around the house without any make up on, without my hair done, without a huge hair accessory and still look adorable!

I didn't want it to be some rare item Victorian Maiden released years ago that I'd be arrived to get dirty! Cause let's face it, Pajamas and what you relax in GET DIRTY! From cooking, cleaning, pets, chores, it all adds up. Not mention sweat and the fact clothes just straight up need washing. So it had to disposable in a sense and available to replace. No such thing existed.

Sure there were Hello kitty tops and bow prints bottoms but it was all the same hat!
I made myself a set of pajamas just to see if what I wanted actually looked good.

Not only did it turn out I wanted to make more a.s.a.p but my friend's all wanted a piece of the action too, so with this an ambition was born to bring something to the lolita world that simply wasn't offered to us.
Lolita lounge wear.
That had all the intention of you relaxing in it!

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