Thursday, 20 February 2014

A Hoarders Palace of Bloomers and the never ending frill!

It's been exactly 4 months today since I last updated my blog! 

An absurd amount of things have changed since that last update yet one very big thing has not. 
I'm still making stock and my commissions are still closed. Don't worry, I haven't became a manic hoarder of undergarments but something did happen to derail my original plans.  November was a tough month for me, I lost a lot of work as my mother became hospitalized and needed emergency surgery. December rolled on and she was out of the hospital and Christmas was here! I was still working through all of this doing long daunting days of sewing but then I got some pretty great news. 
There's events here in the United Kingdom ran by some pretty skilled organisers down in London. They're Lolita conventions but about thousand times classier than a convention. Brands from Japan, designers, magazine editors, models ect are guests and even bring their clothes with them. Not only that but indie brands also visit. From Spain, Chile, Australia. It's incredible. Why am I mentioning this? Well because I achieved one of my dreams, a space to exhibit Atelier Dormir and that's what changed everything. 
I'll be selling my wears as well as putting girls on the cat walk wearing my clothes. Something I've dreamed about since I was a kid. They even told me I get to get them ready! It's amazing. 

My original plan was make a run of stock, have their stock photos taken and open a website. I have that stock all made actually but it's now destined for a higher cause! Enchanted. A collaboration event from organisers all over Europe. Enchanted's been my main focus since I got back from Amsterdam, what bags am I bringing? What cloth should I buy for the table? What size money box will I need? How many items will I actually need??! Everything must be taken into consideration. People having a fun time at this event all depends on everyone doing their best! Right down to the correct shade of violet for their receipts! The correct size of garment bag for each last product and tidy clearly labeled tags on each items specifying all information the customer may need. 
I have royally thrown myself into the deep end but I'm still so super excited. It's nice to be this stressed about something. It means I really care. Another huge thing that's changed is that I perfected an old pattern of mine. The skirt. 

I know what you're thinking, aren't skirts the easiest thing to make in the world? Well yes but getting it perfect with a pattern you legally drafted is another matter entirely. I had kind of given up on it until I got a request for an underskirt out of the blue. I had made about 30 pairs of bloomers in the space of a month at this point so I needed to stretch my legs. It exploded! Turns out underskirts are yet another product that is unnecessarily difficult to get a hold of for less than £30. "This is perfect!" I thought, I admit I was worried! I thought my entire shop was going to be a rainbow of bloomers for years to come. Adding much else didn't make any sense with an undergarments shop but cotton and chiffon underskirts? Perfect sense. 

That's another thing I should mention. Chiffon. It may seem dull to expand into another fabric but goodness do people love it. I can't keep up. I'm in a sea of bloomers of varying textile and colour. 
This brings me to my sadder note. For 4 months lots of people have obviously been wanting to purchase from Atelier Dormir and every time I've had to tell them I'm not open. I feel utterly daft. I've got loads of stock, tagged, bagged and ready but they're not going anywhere for another month and a half but it simply has to be done! Enchanted must remain a priority. 

I can't help but ask myself, how do I want to do business? Do I want to do it on a commission base or less ready made stock? I can't make that decision just yet because I've only done one of those... Will I have to close my commissions whilst I'm making more stock or will it be different? It really is a waiting game at this point. Which is scary. I hope when I reflect back onto this things are a little clearer. 

That after Enchanted I'll know what direction to take and expand. I want to do the best I can and really establish myself. Is it wrong of me to want to expand into casual lolita clothing and not into undergarments? Hopefully I'll know the answer soon. My working day starts in thirty minutes. I think I'm making some chiffon bloomers and a cotton underskirt today. Groovy.

It's been a hard 4 months with set backs, break downs and success. Fingers crossed my next update is on a higher note!

Talk to you soon. xx

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  1. Reading this, I'm really excited for you :D I'm in the process of setting up a shop myself, so I can relate to a lot of what you've written. Good luck, and I'll see your table at Enchanted!